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Stock Fasteners - Solid Ceramic Bolts, Hex Nuts & Washers


Engineering Ceramic Co.,( EC © ™)  stock ceramic fasteners are the solution for applications in which metal alloy, plastic fasteners fail, or do not work in the environment in which they must exist.

Following properties are a few characteristics of ( EC © ™)  stock ceramic components including machine screws, nuts, bolts and washers:

1.High Temperature Working Stability up to 2,200°C

2.Corrosion Protection by impervious, oxidation and UV light degradation

3.Wear Resistance



6.Bio-compatibility – for medical or laboratory applications

7.Higher Purity and Lowest Porosity  

8.Non- out-gassing and Chemically inert

9.Excellent thermal expansion coefficient

10.Stiffness and rigidity of a monolithic ceramic

( EC © ™)  understands the special nature of ceramic fasteners.  We’ve been manufacturing OEM ceramic parts for over 20 years.  Along the way we’ve learned there are many applications that benefit from the properties ceramics offer.  ( EC © ™)  is offering the inventoried ceramic machine screws, nuts, bolts and washers in standard sizes with following type:

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