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Make Accurate Temperature Control System in Roller Kiln


Good day, welcome to Engineering Ceramic website. Today we talk about the Kiln working temperature control system.


A Full Automatic Ceramic TileRoller Kiln installed in October, 2022.



The distributed smoke exhaust pipeline system is adopted, and the high-efficiency energy-saving fan is selected to discharge the waste gas and heat energy generated in the kiln out of the kiln and transport them to the dryer for reuse; each smoke exhaust port is equipped with a split gate, and the temperature field of the upper and lower rolls convenient adjustment, new panel and coloring design, panel and frame are not in contact, reducing the heat conduction of the kiln frame to the panel, which can effectively reduce the ambient temperature of the workshop; the optimized kiln lining design achieves the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption. The thermocouple protection tube and the supporting automatic temperature instrument control system provided by Engineering Ceramic can automatically control the temperature adjustment of the kiln 7X24 hours a day, making the kiln more energy-saving and more efficient. The thermocouple protection tube made by alumina 99.7% materials which max.working temperature could be in 1850+0.1 degrees Celsius.


Here are some potential thermocouple protection tubes you may choose:


Thermocouple protection tube

Temperature sensor protection tube

Thermocouple sheath

Thermocouple protection sleeve

Temperature measurement protection tube

High-temperature protection tube



The working temperature in the kiln is controlled by a temperature regulator, which we call PID automatic control, which is a decentralized control. This kind of control has fast response speed and high temperature control precision. The temperature control is controlled by the self-control valve and the ultra-high-precision temperature sensor of Engineering Ceramic Company, and the gas volume is adjusted according to the instructions of the temperature regulator to achieve the purpose of temperature adjustment, that is, only the gas volume is changed, and the combustion air volume is constant of. In the inner space of the entire kiln, we can achieve a stable error of no more than+ 0.1 degrees Celsius at any two different points. The constant combustion-supporting air volume can satisfy the need to ensure full combustion when the automatic control valve is opened to the maximum when the temperature rises. According to the different products produced, the silicon carbide nozzle can be replaced with different nozzles to meet the firing requirements of the product. The nozzle also could made by Boron Carbide, or Nitride boned silicon carbide and Recrystallized Silicon Carbide.

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