World Ceramic Industry News

  • Engineering Ceramics Co provides customized with high-quality feedthrough, following you will find some latest project of EC in past years:


  • Engineering Ceramics Co provides customized with high-quality feed through like UHV Electrical Feedthrough, UHV thermocouple feedthroughs, multipin feedthroughs, vacuum feed through . Our engineering design department can make 3D draw based on customer feed through samples. We have first-class brand inspection equipment, including 3D compatibility checks. Each product undergoes strict testing and debugging.


  • Engineering Ceramic Co., Ltd will be attend IACE CHINA 2024 in Shanghai, 6th - 8th of 2024.


  • Frequently, we get inquiries from customers asking us to provide performance reports or data sheet, to recommend on ceramic materials for help them make the right choice. Yes, the selection of the right ceramic material is essential to achieve the required performance characteristics of a mechanical part.


  • Silicon carbide (SiC), as the third generation semiconductor material, has become an important development direction of semiconductor material technology due to its excellent properties such as wide band gap, high breakdown electric field strength and high thermal conductivity.


  • These top 10 ceramic materials with exceptional thermal conductivity play pivotal roles in various industries, from aerospace to electronics and beyond. Their unique characteristics make them indispensable for applications requiring efficient heat dissipation and thermal management.


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