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Thermocouple Ceramic Protection Tube in Petroleum Industry


Many importantinstruments in petroleum and petrochemical production operates under high temperature and pressure conditions, with potential flammable and explosive hazards. Strict online monitoring of the production process is required to eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner. The thermal imagerwith high-quality ceramic protection tubeprovided by Engineering Ceramic Co Ltd can comprehensively detect the corrosion, fracture, thinning, blockage, leakage and other relevant information of transmission pipelines, refractory and thermal insulation materials, various reaction furnaces, and can quickly and accurately obtain the two-dimensional temperature distribution on the surface of equipment and materials. The thermal imager produced by Engineering Ceramic Co Ltd is equipped with a refinery specificceramicprotection tube, which can detect leaks in catalytic cracking units, reactor exhaust equipment and furnaces, safety valves and condensate valves, and underground pipelines. It can quickly and accurately identify heat leaks in the early stages. The specialized ceramic protection tube produced by Engineering Ceramic Co Ltd for the petroleum industry is corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and has a long service life. It can inspect the loss, cracks, and wear of refractory materials in high-temperature furnaces, gas and dust pipelines, reactor tanks, and transfer lines in the petrochemical industry, effectively preventing accidents and reducing energy consumption.


EC's infrared monitoring can achieve the following functions:

1. Detection of coke accumulation at the bottom of the cracking and fractionation tower:

2. Evaluate the damage condition of the lining of the acetaldehyde acetate device:

3. Detect local "hot spots" on the cracking furnace tube;

4. Inspection of catalytic cracking unit:

5. Measurement of the outer wall temperature of thermal pipelines

EC provides a complete set of solutions for the petroleum industry, welcome to consult.


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