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Most new customer find us from as we are using Google Ads, to setup some keywords for our products, likethermocouple protection tube product. When customer wants find a good truth manufacturer but not any article, trading company or logistic company,you need to start with keyword research to determine relevant keywords and phrases. Here are some steps for keyword research:


Identify the main features and functions of your product. What is the primary function of the thermocouple protection tube? What are its key features?



Use Google's Keyword Planner tool to find related keywords and phrases. This tool can help you estimate the audience size, competition, and suggested bid for your product's related keywords.


Research your competitors' ads. Look at your competitors' ads to determine which keywords and phrases they're using. This can help you determine which keywords and phrases are the most relevant and useful.



Here are some potential keywords and phrases that may be related to thermocouple protection tubes:


Thermocouple protection tube

Temperature sensor protection tube

Thermocouple sheath

Thermocouple protection sleeve

Temperature measurement protection tube

High-temperature protection tube


You can use these keywords and phrases to create ad groups and ads to promote your product to potential customers. Make sure your ad copy and landing pages are relevant to your keywords and phrases and can attract the interest and attention of potential customers.



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