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Feed Through Insulators

Engineering Ceramic Co., Ltd (EC®) is a professional manufacturers and suppliers of Feed Through Insulators( Alumina 99.7% or Alumina Alsint 799 )   in China. Under the high quality control system and technical team hard work, our Feed Through Insulatorscould be made high-temperature sensor feedthroughs which deliver unparalleled protection and performance for sensors in extreme temperatures of 1800°C and above. Made using a unique combination of materials and state-of-the-art sealing technology, they enable next-generation sensor designs. Our products were sold in worldwide market with a good reputation.

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Product Description

Engineering Ceramic Co., Ltd (EC®) technology can be fully custom-designed to specific requirements. Superior robustness makesEC® the first choice inFeed Through Insulators  engine management systems, exhaust management technologies, temperature sensors, and pressure sensors.  The Feed through Ceramic Insulatoris bonding the ceramicbreaksbased alumina 99.7% materials and metal alloy. Alumina ceramic insulator is excellent insulation material applied in vacuum electrical power feedthrough (EPF). For different requirement on the voltage and current, we suggest metal alloys such as:

-Stainless Steel




Feedthrough ceramic Insulator can also be supplied 2 styles -- with/without electrodes. The 1st style offers our range of soft sealants along with ceramic insulators rated 2000V DC 200A max. The soft sealants can be replaced at a future date if retro fitting is required. The 2nd style has a single piece PFA combined sealant and ceramic insulator rated 8000V DC 200A max.

Feedthrough ceramic Insulatorfor power applications is satisfied in many industries including vacuum furnaces, autoclaves, equipment enclosures, transformers and environmental chambers as well as high voltage feedthrough to reactor vessels.

Overall cost of ownership is often reduced when compared to other sealant techniques through reduction in installation time, downtime and the cost of replacement parts

Engineering Ceramic Co., Ltd’s (EC®) Feedthrough Ceramic Insulator  has been provided thesingle-component solutions that simplify the process of assembling sensor sealing systems for applications above 1000°C by using fewer components and a more cost-effective assembly. Nowour ChineseThermocouple Feedthrough Ceramic Insulator factory has been theISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO41001 environmental management system certification, and OHSAS18001 occupational health & safety management system certification.  

Engineering Ceramic Co., Ltd’s (EC®)Chinesefactory founded on 2003, as the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have rich experience for quality control, packing and delivery, every purchase order will have tolerance inspection report, our packing department can ensure the cargo under safety and faster shipment.     


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