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The 2nd Hardest Material after diamond = carbon + nitrogen Compound


Engineering Ceramic Co.,( EC © ™)  report, a great news in ceramic industry before end of 2023,  the second-hardest known material after diamond has been created, details is crushing carbon and nitrogen under immense pressure and heat.

Recently, Dominique Laniel and colleagues at the University of Edinburgh in the UK, compressed carbon and nitrogen between diamond bits at 700,000 times atmospheric pressure and heated them to 3,000 degrees Celsius with a laser to finally syntheses the compound, which is almost as hard as diamond - a tiny sample of carbon nitride. The researchers published the results in the recent issue of Advanced Materials.

This carbon nitride is almost as hard as diamond

From Dominique Laniel et al.

This newly synthesized carbon nitride is almost as hard as diamond. The hardness of diamond is about 90GPa, while the previously known second hard material, cubic boron nitride, has a hardness between 50GPa and 55GPa. Laniel said that the hardness of the carbon nitride new material they synthesized ranges from 78 GPa to 86 GPa, depending on which of the three crystal structures formed.

The findings show that three synthesis carbon nitride compounds have the structure required for breakthrough super-hard materials, and the scientists were pleasantly surprised to find that the three compounds retained their super-hard properties after being cooled and returned to ambient pressure.

The samples synthesised so far are only 5 microns wide and 3 microns thick, and scaling up production could be difficult. In theory, however, it should be possible to create larger chunks of the material by using larger diamonds to compress the carbon and nitrogen, and the compound, if successfully developed, is expected to be used in the manufacture of cutting tools, sensors and even explosives.

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