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Feedthrough Ceramic Insulator


Engineering Ceramic Co.,( EC © ™) made feedthrough ceramic insulator, can achieve the transmission of power and electrical signals between the vacuum sealing element. It’s provide long-term reliability for energy applications working in highly challenging environments, including liquefied natural gas, compressed gases, nuclear energy, submarines, and oil and gas industry.

Safe and reliable energy industry technology

Engineering Ceramic Co.,( EC © ™) feedthrough ceramic insulator and assemble connectors are used in conjunction to protect electrical infrastructure with high safety requirements. For environments where serious accidents may occur (including extreme temperatures, pressures, thermal cycles, and impacts/vibrations), this is considered the safest technology.

Superior performance for challenging energy applications

Engineering Ceramic Co.,( EC © ™)  feedthrough ceramic insulator represent a proven worldwide standard for the transmission of electrical power and data in a variety of safety-critical, harsh-environment applications. The components simultaneously act as gas diffusion-proof isolation elements.

- Made for extreme working temperatures

- Superior pressure resistance

- Certified ISO

- Superior longevity

- Fully customization

- Excellent insulation


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