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Ceramic Electrode for Corona Treatment or Discharge in Surface Treatment Industry


Engineering Ceramic Co manufactured the high purity alumina 99.7% ceramics electrode for corona treatment which using surface treatment industry e.g. packaging, film printing ….

-Metal Film

-Laser Film

-Aluminum Foil

-Aluminized Film Bar Code Labels

EC ceramic electrode made in China, who are particularly durable and enable corona discharges with high power density for a wide variety of packaging materials to printed or coated with inks:

-Plastic Film

-Aluminum Film

-Paper Film

EC ceramic electrode with high watt density, well straightness, precision tolerance, better consistent and more efficient machines to against any competitive.  The high purity alumina 997 ceramic electrode profiles are made of alumina material impress with very high purity as well as high dielectric strength, thus offering maximum reliability. These ceramic corona profiles for the electrodes are characterized by a long service life and process stability.

EC ceramic electrode are vital parts made in corona treaters, EC provides ceramic electrodes for any make model corona treater and any brand . We have stock so we can offer a 5 working days to shipping for standard size, and customized will be confirmed by drawing.

As the leading electrode supplier in China, EC can provide an exact retrofit or an optimized retrofit replacement for your existing corona treater bars, depending on the issues you are experiencing with your current corona treatment electrodes.

Additional Notes:

●Do not allow electrodes to rub on the roll's surface.

●Keep ceramic electrodes clean and free of plastic, glue, or other contaminants.

●Clean ceramic with isopropyl alcohol.

●Do not use nylon screws in electrodes or on the corona treating station. Use only high temperature rated, high dielectric screws.

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