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Ceramic Components - High Alumina 99.5% Ceramic Bolts


Engineering Ceramic manufacture high purity alumina ceramic bolts with national standard size and customized drawing, metric thread and inch thread size, thread/components, using for vacuum, electrical insulation and conductivity, heating... applications,

with following standard head shape:







And following drive shape:

Hex sockets

Cross recessed sockets

Slotted sockets

Hexalobular sockets

Tamper resistant screws 


Enginnering Ceramic Co have the full drawing software which could according to customer requirement to design the screws like following:  

Hex Socket Head Cap Screws with 3D view drawing

Send an enquiry to get your target assemble ceramic components to us. 

Caution for Use:

- Ceramic screws may be damaged by impact, take care when handling these screws.

- Because a cumulative pitch difference is created when ceramic screws are manufactured, use them with Engineering Ceramic Co ceramic nuts.  

Please reach out to our Zirconia ceramic ball or bearings to see if it’s are the correct ceramic bearing option for you.

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