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Top 10 Ceramic Materials with Exceptional Thermal Conductivity


Engineering Ceramic Co.,( EC © ™) Report:

These top 10 ceramic materials with exceptional thermal conductivity play pivotal roles in various industries, from aerospace to electronics and beyond. Their unique characteristics make them indispensable for applications requiring efficient heat dissipation and thermal management.

10 Typical High Thermal Conductivity Ceramic Materials list

1.Beryllium Oxide (BeO): ~230-330W/mK

2.Aluminum Nitride(AIN): ~150-250 W/mK

3. Silicon Carbide (Sic): ~120-250W/mK

4. Copper Aluminum Oxide (CuAIO2): ~100-200 W/mK

5. Boron Nitride (BN): ~20-300W/mK (depending on type)

6. Titanium Diboride(TiB2): ~60-70W/mK

7. Magnesium Oxide (MgO): ~40-60W/mK

8. Alumina 997 (AI2O3): ~20-40W/mK

9. Nitride Bonded SiC (Si3N4): ~2040W/mK

10. Zirconia (ZrO2): ~2-3W/mK (YSZ can have higher values)

Aerospace Applications

Electronics & Control System

Structural Parts

Engine Components

Automotive Applications

Hybrid & EV Vehicles

Sensor Technology

Exhaust Manifolds

Diesel Particulate Filters

Brake Pads

Environmental Applications

Water Purifier

Wind Turbine

Solar Wafer

Manufacturing Applications

Protection tubes

Separation Membrane

Foam Filters

Valves and fittings

Electronic Applications

Ceramic substrate

Electronic sensors


Medical Applications


Dental systems

Instruments and tools

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