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Silicon Carbide Single Crystal Substrate Materials and Wafer Inspection and Analysis


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Silicon carbide (SiC), as the third generation semiconductor material, has become an important development direction of semiconductor material technology due to its excellent properties such as wide band gap, high breakdown electric field strength and high thermal conductivity. In the semiconductor industry chain, silicon carbide lining Silicon carbide is the basic material for wafer manufacturing, and quality inspection of silicon carbide wafer materials is a key link to ensure performance. In China’s semiconductor industry, commonly used detection technologies for silicon carbide single crystal substrates include:

I. Geometric parameters


Total Thickness Variation, TTV



The following test report comes from Corning Tropel® FlatMaster® FM200 Fully-Automated Wafer System, this equipment is currently widely used in China.

II. Defect

In silicon carbide single crystal substrate materials, defects are usually divided into two major categories: crystal defects and surface defects.

Point Defects - PD

Micropipe Defects - MP

Basal Plane Dislocations - BPD

Edge Dislocations - TED

Stacking Faults - SF

Screw Dislocations - TSD

Technologies for detecting surface defects mainly include

Scanning Dlectron Microscope - SEM


Optical Microscope

Cathodoluminescence - CL)

Differential Interference Contrast - DIC

Photo Luminescence - PL

X-Ray Topography - XRT

Optical Coherence Tomograph - OCT

Raman Spectroscopy - RS

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