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China ceramic tile production has been declined 15.21% in 2022


Engineering Ceramic Co report:In 2022, the actual output of ceramic tiles of Chinese domestic market has been decreased by 10.5%  -15.21%.

According to the 2022 China's Ceramic Industry Market Data Report, from January to December 2022, the actual output of ceramic tiles nationwide decreased by 15.21%. The main business income of the building ceramic industry decreased by 4.1% overthelast year. In the whole year of 2022, the total demand for ceramic tiles nationwide fell by 5.3%.Engineering Ceramic Co has been improved our  ceramic kiln accessories like alumina ceramic component, silicon carbide beams and thermocouple protection tube to help those factory for saving energy and money.

In 2022, the national ceramic tile production will be 7.3 billion square meters, down 10.5% less than last year , the data shows that the "nominal production capacity" of ceramic tiles will increase from 12.32 billion square meters in 2020 to 12.56 billion square meters, with a growth rate of 1.91%. In fact, the equipment with a capacity of nearly 2.5 billion square meters has been unable to meet the production requirements put forward in the current policy environment and market environment due to the aging of equipment, policy iteration and other reasons. Therefore, 12.56 billion square meters is the nominal capacity, and the effective capacity of ceramic tiles nationwide is about 10 billion square meters.That means Chinese kiln accessories like alumina ceramic component, silicon carbide beams andthermocouple protection tube will have a big consumption if the quality if good.Engineering Ceramic Co has been faced a good chance which sell our kiln accessories in this market with our good quality and best reputation. Such asceramic machine parts, ceramic accessories,ceramic electrical, ceramic thermal and biochemical properties and property combinations.

In 2022, the actual output of the industry is about 7.3 billion square meters, down 10.5% year on year, and the capacity utilization rate is about 73%.The glazed tiles will become the category with the largest proportion of production capacity in 2022,  production capacity has shrunk significantly in the past two years. At present, the production capacityis only 16%.
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