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415.8 Meters, the longest ceramic kiln in the world


Engineering Ceramic Co is pleasure be a key-supplier of the largest double-layer kiln slate production line, whom has been worked in New PearlCeramics Tiles Co., Ltd.At Foshan, China. This kiln also is thelongest double-layer kiln in the world, with 415.8 meters, which can simultaneously produce 3- 12 mm thickness and size including750 × 1500mm、800 × 2600mm、1600 × 3200mm、1800 × 3600mm high-quality rockceramic tiles. We are glad to see,  Engineering Ceramic Co provide ceramic kiln accessories like alumina ceramic component, silicon carbide beams and thermocouple protection tube to help those kilns for saving energy cost and produce high quality ceramic tiles.


In 2022, the sum of ceramic tile sales in China is 48.70 billion US Dollars, quantity is about 8,026.86 million square meters, production capability is 10.59 billion square meters, and manufacture are about 2,000. Engineering Ceramic Co  is committed to the development of China's ceramic industry, providing high-quality products ofalumina ceramic component, ceramic labware, alumina protection tubethe kiln industry, laboratory and thermocouple temperature measurement industry.
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