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What is advanced ceramics...?


Advanced ceramics providebyEngineering Ceramic Co basis for silicon carbide ceramics, alumina ceramic component, ceramic labware manufactures  products. This material is also referred to as technical ceramics, engineering ceramics or industrial ceramics. These terms cover many different and in part highly-specialized ceramic materials withceramicunique mechanical,ceramic machine parts, ceramic accessories, ceramicelectrical,ceramicthermal and biochemical properties and property combinations.


These specific characteristics can be further developed, optimized and matched for use in technical applications. It is also possible to combine different properties such as ceramic machine parts, ceramic accessories.Silicon carbide and high purity alumina materials - like these can be used to design advancedceramiccomponents that perform the required tasks with optimum precision and can be light years ahead of competing materials such as metal or plastic in the respective field of application.


Silicon carbide and high purity alumina components made from ceramic materials are increasingly the only solution available for technical challenges that cannot be overcome with conventional materials.


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