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Thermocouple Ceramic Feedthrough Insulator


Thermocouples are widely used to measure, monitor, and control the temperature inside a vacuum, pressure, or controlled atmosphere chamber.Thermocoupleceramicfeedthrough, manufactured with thermocouple materialsand high prutiy alumina 99.7% (alsint) insulator,material, transmit through the wall of the chamber the electromotive force (EMF) generated by the application of heat to the thermocouple bead without introducing error. External instrumentation can then evaluate the strength of theEMF that is proportional to the temperature at the thermocouple bead, thus yielding a temperature measurement. TheThermocoupleceramicfeedthrough provides the necessary electrical isolation and a hermetic seal.


Engineering Ceramic Co (EC ©) existing thermocouple feedthrough product offering are single (individual) thermocouple ceramic feedthrough insulator whom assemble to 3, 5 pair spade type thermocouples, and single or double-ended circular connector (MIL-C-26482) thermocouples, which come in 1, 3, 5, 9, 16, or 20 thermocouple pairs. All of these thermocouple feedthrough made by alumina 99.7% are available as weldable units or asflaggedunits.


Engineering Ceramic Co (EC ©) single conductor Thermocoupleceramicfeedthrough, which are offered as a loop type or spade type, are available in Chromel, Alumel, Iron, Constantan, Tungsten 5% Rhenium, or Tungsten 26% Rhenium. These single conductor thermocouple feedthrough allow for an array of custom arrangements.

The Engineering Ceramic Co (EC ©) new 3 and 5 pair spade type thermocouples are available in the following thermocouple types: Type K, Type J and Type E. These thermocouples come with the air-side plugs and vacuum-side connection hardware.

The Engineering Ceramic Co (EC ©) circular connector thermocouples are available in Type K thermocouple materials. Air and vacuum side plugs are also available for these connectors. Thermocouple contacts are available for the single-ended connectors.

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