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Combining ceramics with other materils mens we can offer amazing benefits in all applications .Engineering Ceramic Co., Ltd (EC®) new ceramic insulator to assembliesCeramic metal feedthrough for vacuum technology for electrical signal or energy transmission.

EC® Feedthrough ceramic insulator is the solution for all applications requiring vacuum-tight and electrical insulation. In contrast to plastic or glass bushings, ceramic-metal bushings are not only vacuum-tight, but also resistant to high temperatures (more than 1800 C) , high pressure and aggressive media. Our feedthroughis not gassing andis thus ideally suited for use in high and ultra-high vacuum.

UsingEngineering Ceramic Co., Ltd (EC®) alumina 997 ceramic insulator to made theceramic-metal feedthroughismeeting the exact requirements of the customer. The optimal solution is not only based on our decades of experience, but also on the design of components by means of simulation. The vacuum-tight connection of ceramic and metal is mainly achieved by active or passive brazing.

Please feel free to contact EC, we are ability to give a wonderful solution for all applications.  

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