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In 2023, the production of ceramic tiles in Guangzhou, China decreased by 7.7%, and the export value decreased by 11.3%

On February 28th,2024, the Guangzhou Ceramic Industry Association released statistical data for the ceramic industry in 2023: the total production of ceramic wall and floor tiles was 745 million square meters, less 7.7% than 2022.  The total production of sanitary ceramics was 18.22 million units, less 6.5% than 2022; The total export value of ceramic wall and floor tiles was 11.447 billion RMB (Approx US Dollars 1.62 Billion) , decrease of 11.3% than 2022; The total export value of sanitary ceramics was 4.433 billion RMB (Approx US Dollars 624.4 million), decrease of 54.6% than 2022.


In 2023, 29  floor tile and ceramic enterprises in China went bankrupt.


the 2023 performance forecasts and quick reports disclosed by 12 listed companies of ceramic industry, including 9 ceramic and bathroom enterprises and 3 mechanical and chemical enterprises. Among them 9 listed ceramic bathroom companies, 5 disclosed their operating revenue, of which 2 experienced a decline in revenue, there are 4 companies with net profit attributable to the parent company that have incurred losses. 2 companies have turned losses into profits.

Among 3 listed companies in the mechanical and chemical industry, only 1 Materials disclosed its operating revenue, achieving year-on-year growth. In terms of net profit attributable to the parent company, experienced a decline, while China National Ceramic Materials achieved year-on-year growth.

In 2023, China's ceramic tile exports reached 4.447 billion US dollars, decrease 2.16% of 2022.


According to relevant China custom data statistics, in 2023, China's ceramic tile exports reached 4.447 billion US dollars,  decrease of 2.16%,  with an export volume of 612 million square meters, increase of 8.97%.

In terms of export value, the top 10 countries or regions for China's ceramic tile exports in 2023 are the Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, and Myanmar, with a total export volume of 73.51%. In 2023, 5 out of the top 10 provinces in terms of exports saw year-on-year growth and 5 experienced a decline. Among them, the export value of ceramic tiles in Guangdong Province accounted for 41.76% of the total export value, a year-on-year decrease of 1.39%. The total export value of the top 10 provinces accounted for 92.28%.


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